APIC '95 Proceedings: Table of Contents

International Workshop on Applications of Interval Computations,
El Paso, Texas, February 23-25, 1995.

A special supplement to the journal of Reliable Computing.
All of the files below in LaTeX use the IEEEtran.sty style file.
Thanks from the organizing committee p. 6-7

"Reliable Computing" (formerly, "Interval Computations"). An
international journal p. 8

Institute for Manufacturing and Materials Management p. 9

A. Bernat, V. Kreinovich, T. McLean, and G. N. Solopchenko,
"What are interval computations, and how are they related to quality in
manufacturing?" pp. 10-12
(LaTeX, PostScript)

V. Kreinovich,
"Data processing beyond traditional statistics: applications of
interval computations. A brief introduction" pp. 13-21
(LaTeX, PostScript)

F. Akhmedjanov, V. Krymsky,
"Robust design of control system for multi-input multi-output plant
with interval uncertainty" p. 22-25
(LaTeX, PostScript)

J. T. Alander,
"On interval factorial genetic algorithm in global
optimization" pp. 26-29
(LaTeX, PostScript)

G. Alefeld, G. Mayer,
"Recent results on symmetric interval systems" p. 30
(LaTeX, PostScript)

B. R. Barmish,
"Planar geometry problems motivated by robustness of linear
systems" pp. 31-32
(LaTeX, PostScript)

R. Bell,
"Aerodynamic aids to vehicle stability" p. 33
(LaTeX, PostScript)

M. Beltran and V. Kreinovich,
"How to find input variables whose influence on the
result is the largest, or, how to detect defective stages
in VLSI manufacturing?" pp. 34-37
(LaTeX, PostScript)

M. Beruvides and V. Kreinovich,
"Interval approach to learning curves" p. 38
(LaTeX, PostScript)

M. Berz,
"Verified integration and generation of Poincare maps using
 Taylor models" p. 39
(LaTeX, PostScript)

M. A. Campos  and M. de B. Correia,
"Interval and high accuracy results for parameter
estimation in time series models" pp. 40-43
(LaTeX, PostScript)

O. Caprani, L. Hvidegaard,
M. Mortensen, and Th. Schneider,
"Efficient and robust ray intersection" p. 44
(LaTeX, PostScript)

O. Caprani, K. Madsen, and O. Stauning,
"Enclosing solutions of integral equations" pp. 45-51
(LaTeX, PostScript)

Da-Wei Chang,
"On the interval multisplitting AOR (IMAOR) method" pp. 52-53
(LaTeX, PostScript)

H. M. Chen and M. H. van Emden,
"Adding interval constraints to the Moore-Skelboe
global optimization algorithm" pp. 54-57
(LaTeX, PostScript)

H. Cheng and D. Berleant,
"A software tool for automatically verified reasoning
with intervals and probability distributions" pp. 58-61

Huang Chongfu,
"Interval and fuzzy approaches to queuing systems" pp. 62-63
(LaTeX, PostScript)

D. E. Cooke, R. Duran, and A. Gates,
"Bag Language speeds up interval computations" pp. 64-66
(LaTeX, PostScript)

G. J. Deboeck, K. Villaverde, and V. Kreinovich,
"Interval methods for presenting performance of finanical
trading systems" pp. 67-70
(LaTeX, PostScript)

B. S. Dobronets,
"A posteriori error estimation and corrected  solution
 of partial differential equation" pp. 71-73
(LaTeX, PostScript)

D. I. Doser, K. D. Crain, M. R. Baker, V. Kreinovich,
M. C. Gerstenberger, and J. L. Williams,
"Estimating uncertainties for geophysical tomography"
pp. 74-75
(LaTeX, PostScript)

I. Elishakoff,
"Convex modelling - a generalization of interval analysis for
 nonprobabilistic treatment of uncertainty" pp. 76-79
(LaTeX, PostScript)

N. M. Glazunov,
"Development of quality interval algorithms, software and
systems" p. 80-82
(LaTeX, PostScript)

S. Hadjihassan, E. Walter, and L. Pronzato,
"Quality improvement via the optimization of
tolerance intervals during the design stage" pp. 83-84
(LaTeX, PostScript)

E. Hyvonen, S. De Pascale,
"InC++ library family for interval computations" pp. 85-90
(ASCII, PostScript)

E. Hyvonen, S. De Pascale,
"Interval constraint Excel" pp. 91-101
(ASCII, PostScript)

M. E. Jerrell,
"Applications of interval computations to economic
input-output models" pp. 102-104
(LaTeX, PostScript)

R. B. Kearfott,
"A review of techniques in the verified solution of
constrained  global optimization problems" p. 105-106
(LaTeX, PostScript)

L. J. Kohout,
"Fuzzy interval-valued inference system with para-consistent
 and grey set extensions" pp. 107-110
(LaTeX, PostScript)

A. B. Korlyukov and V. Kreinovich,
"Equations of physics become consistent
if we take measurement uncertainty into consideration"
pp. 111-112
(LaTeX, PostScript)

W. Kraemer,
"Validated function evaluation using polynomial approximation
from truncated Chebyshev series" p. 113
(LaTeX, PostScript)

L. Kupriyanova,
"Inner estimation of the united solution set of interval
linear  algebraic system" p. 114
(LaTeX, PostScript)

V. P. Kuznetsov,
"Interval methods for processing statistical
characteristics" pp. 116-122
(LaTeX, PostScript)

V. P. Kuznetsov,
"Auxiliary problems of statistical data processing: interval
approach" pp. 123-129
(LaTeX, PostScript)

A. V. Lakeyev,
"Linear algebraic equation in Kaucher arithmetic" p. 130-133
(LaTeX, PostScript)

A. V. Lakeyev and V. Kreinovich,
"If input intervals are small enough, then interval
computations are almost always easy" pp. 134-139
(LaTeX, PostScript)

R. N. Lea and V. Kreinovich,
"Intelligent control makes sense even without expert
knowledge: an explanation" pp. 140-145
(LaTeX, PostScript)

R. D. Lins, M. A. Campos, M. de B. Correia,
"Functional programming and interval arithmetic" p. 146-150
(LaTeX, PostScript)

R. Lopez De Mantaras,
"From intervals to possibility distributions: adding
flexibility to reasoning under uncertainty" pp. 151-152
(LaTeX, PostScript)

G. G. Menshikov,
"On application of interval approach to finding of the
latent singular points of initial value problems" pp. 153-154
(LaTeX, PostScript)

D. Morgenstein and J. Murphy,
"An application of parallel interval techniques to geophysics"
p. 155
(LaTeX, PostScript)

A. Murgu,
"Implementable bounds for a neural networks algorithm in
communication traffic control" pp. 156-157
(LaTeX, PostScript)

Hung T. Nguyen and E. Walker,
"Interval fuzzy data processing: case when degree
of belief is described by an interval" p. 158
(LaTeX, PostScript)

A. I. Orlov, "Invariance leads to the interval character of
ordinal statistical characteristics", pp. 159-161
(LaTeX, PostScript)

R. B. Patil,
"Application of simulated annealing and genetic algorithms to
verified global optimization" p. 162
(LaTeX, PostScript)

R. B. Patil,
"Interval genetic programming" p. 163
(LaTeX, PostScript)

R. B. Patil,
"Interval neural networks" p. 164
(LaTeX, PostScript)

J. Rohn, "Linear interval equations: computing sufficiently
accurate enclosures is NP-Hard" p. 165
(LaTeX, PostScript)

M. J. Schulte and E. E. Swartzlander, Jr.,
"Design and applications for variable-precision,
 interval arithmetic coprocessors" pp. 166-172

A. L. Semenov,
"Solving optimization problems with the help of the
UniCalc solver" pp. 173-175
(LaTeX, PostScript)

E. Serrano, V. P. Pytchenko, V. M. Rubinshtein,
and V. Kreinovich,
"Error estimate of the result of measuring laser beam
diameter" pp. 176-180
(LaTeX, PostScript)

S. P. Shary,
"Linear static systems under interval uncertainty:
algorithms to solve control and stabilization problems"
pp. 181-184
(LaTeX, PostScript)

G. L. Shevlyakov,
"On the choice of an optimization criterion under
 uncertainty in interval computations -
 nonstochastic approach" pp. 185-187
(LaTeX, PostScript)

G. L. Shevlyakov, N. O. Vilchevskiy,
"Robust minimax adaptive approach to regression problems in
 interval computations" pp. 188-189
(LaTeX, PostScript)

S. Smith and V. Kreinovich,
"In case of interval uncertainty, optimal control is
NP-hard even for linear plants, so expert knowledge
 is needed" pp. 190-193
(LaTeX, PostScript)

W. Solak,
"A remark on power series estimations via boundary
 corrections with parameter" pp. 194-196
(LaTeX, PostScript)

W. Sommerer and M. Kerbl,
"Rendering swept volumes using interval methods"  pp. 197-202

S. Starks,
"An interval approach to congestion control in computer
networks" pp. 203-206
(LaTeX, PostScript)

R. Trejo and A. I. Gerasimov,
"Choosing interval functions to represent measurement
inaccuracies: group-theoretic approach" p. 207-210
(LaTeX, PostScript)

I. B. Turksen,
"Interval valued fuzzy sets and measures" p. 211
(LaTeX, PostScript)

K. Villaverde and V. Kreinovich,
"Parallel algorithm that locates local extrema of a
function of one variable from interval measurement
results" pp. 212-219
(LaTeX, PostScript)

G. W. Walster,
"Connections between statistics, interval analysis and
global optimization" p. 220
(LaTeX, PostScript)

G. W. Walster,
"Stimulating hardware and software support for interval
arithmetic" p. 221
(LaTeX, PostScript)

M. C. Wang, K. Lin, and W. Kennedy,
"Self-validating computation for selected probability
functions" pp. 222-223
(LaTeX, PostScript)

Kung Chris Wu,
"Interval methods in mobile robot control" pp. 224-226
(LaTeX, PostScript)

G. D. Zrilic,
"Computations based on Delta-modulation representation of
 measurement results"  pp. 227-231
(LaTeX, PostScript)

Qiang Zuo, "Description of strictly monotonic interval
AND/OR operations" p. 232-235
(LaTeX, PostScript)

Qiang Zuo, I. Burhan Turksen, Hung T. Nguyen,
and Vladik Kreinovich,
"In expert  systems, even if we fix AND/OR operations,
a natural answer to a composite query  is the
interval of possible degrees of belief" pp. 236-240
(LaTeX, PostScript)

V. S. Zyuzin, O. V. Mushtakova,
"A posteriori estimation of the solution of system of
 differential equations with the help of Taylor series"
pp. 241-242.
(LaTeX, PostScript)

V. S. Zyuzin, E. A. Novikova,
"A method for estimating the solution of ordinary
differential equation
 system by interval Taylor series" pp. 243-244.
(LaTeX, PostScript)

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