Applications of Interval Computations


  • GrafEq, a grapher which uses interval arithmetic
    "... GrafEq uses interval arithmetic to plot: it checks a 2-dim rectangle to see if there are any solutions in it - if so, it sub-divides the rectangle & checks for solutions etc etc.... it ends up as a collection of 1 pixel rectangles. Use: provides more valid results than typical methods used by Maple, Mathematica etc. For instance : the graph of x^2+y^2=x^3+y^3 GrafEq displays the curve *plus* the singularity at (0,0). If you examine some of the Gallery graphs - eg 'disks' - there's no way they can be plotted without interval arithmetic ..."
  • Optimal approximation of quadratic interval functions and its potential applications to electronic circuits


Collections of Applications

Specific Applications

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