Mailing List on Interval Standardization

This is the mailing list of the IEEE Working Group on Interval Arithmetic, Project P1788. The purpose and scope of this Working Group is described in the Project Authorization Request.

To post to the mailing list on interval standardization, send an email to

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The full list of commands is given below.

The list is archived at the archive website.

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            LISTSERV(R) System Reference Library, release 1.8e
                 Copyright L-Soft international, 1986-2002

                         Last update: 19 Apr 2002

       *                                                          *
       * LISTSERV command reference cards:                        *
       *                                                          *
       *-> LISTSERV REFCARD: General user commands                *
       *   LISTOWNR REFCARD: List and file management commands    *
       *   LISTMAST REFCARD: Commands for the LISTSERV administrat*
       *                                                          *

Commands are listed in alphabetical order, with the minimum acceptable
abbreviation in capital letters. Angle brackets are used to indicate optional
parameters. All commands which return a file accept an optional 'F=fformat'
keyword (without the quotes) that lets you select the format in which you want
the file sent; the default format is normally appropriate in all cases. Some
esoteric, historical or seldom-used commands and options have been omitted.

List subscription commands (from most to least important)
SUBscribe    listname               Subscribe to a list, or change
                                                your name if already subscribed
                       ANONYMOUS                -> Subscribe anonymously

              Following either  or ANONYMOUS, you may specify
              individual subscription options (DIGEST, MIME, etc):

                             -> With specified options

SIGNOFF                                        Remove yourself:
              listname                          - From the specified list
              *                                 - From all lists on that server
              * (NETWIDE                        - From all lists in the network

SET          listname options                  Alter your subscription options:
              ACK/NOACK/MSGack                  -> Acknowledgements for postings
              CONCEAL/NOCONCEAL                 -> Hide yourself from REVIEW
              DIGests/INDex/NODIGests/NOINDex   -> Ask for digests or message
                                                   indexes rather than getting
                                                   messages as they are posted
              HTML/NOHTML                       -> Prefer/avoid HTML mail
                                                   (especially HTML indexes)
              Mail/NOMail                       -> Toggle receipt of mail
              MIME/NOMIME                       -> Prefer/avoid MIME format
                                                   (especially MIME digests)
              REPro/NOREPro                     -> Copy of your own postings?
              TOPICS: ALL                       -> Select topics you are
                      <+/->topicname               subscribed to (add/remove
                                                   one or replace entire list)

CHange                                         Change your e-mail address:
              listname newaddr                  -> On the specified list only
              * newaddr                         -> On all lists hosted here

Options for mail headers of incoming postings (choose one):
              FULLhdr or FULL822                -> "Full" (normal) mail headers
              IETFhdr                           -> Internet-style headers
              SHORThdr or SHORT822              -> Short headers
              DUALhdr                           -> Dual headers, useful with PC
                                                   or Mac mail programs
              SUBJecthdr                        -> Normal header with list name
                                                   in subject line

CONFIRM      listname1 >       Confirm your subscription
                                                (when LISTSERV requests it)

Other list-related commands
GETPOST      listname ref1 >   Order individual messages from
                                                list archives

              There is a single option:

              NOMIME                            Retrieve messages in "raw" form,
                                                ie, do not re-encode MIME
                                                attachment links (pre-1.8e

INDex        listname                          Sends a directory of available
                                                archive files for the list, if
                                                postings are archived