Perspectives on Enclosure Methods

edited by:
U. Kulisch, R. Lohner, and A. Facius

Springer Verlag, Vienna, 2001, ISBN 3-211-83590-3


Proving Conjectures by the Use of Interval Arithmetic
Andreas Frommer

Advanced Arithmetic for the Digital Computer
Interval Arithmetic Revisited
Ulrich W. Kulisch

Highly Accurate Verified Error Bounds for Krylov Type Linear
System Solvers
Axel Facius

Elements of Scientific Computing
J. Hartmut Bleher

The Mainstreaming of Interval Arithmetic
John L. Gustafson

Bounds for Eigenvalues with the Use of Finite Elements
Henning Behnke and Ulrich Mertins

Algorithmic Differencing
Louis B. Rall and Thomas W. Reps

A Comparison of Techniques for Evaluating Centered Forms
Bruno Lang

On the Limit of the Total Step Method in Interval Analysis
Guenter Mayer and Ingo Warnke

How Fast can Moore's Interval Integration Method Really be?
Juergen Herzberger

Numerical Verification and Validation of Kinematics and
Dynamical Models for Flexible Robots in Complex Environments
Wolfram Luther, Eva Dyllong, Daniela Fausten,
Werner Otten, and Holger Traczinski

On the Ubiquity of the Wrapping Effect in the Computation of
Error Bounds
Rudolf Lohner

A New Perspective on the Wrapping Effect in Interval Methods
for Initial Value Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations
Nedialko S. Nedialkov and Kenneth R. Jackson

A Guaranteed Bound of the Optimal Constant in the Error
Estimates for Linear Triangular Element
Mitsuhiro T. Nakao and Nobito Yamamoto

Nonsmooth Global Optimization
Dietmar Ratz

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