SIGSAM Bulletin
Communications in Computer Algebra

Some works on interval arithmetic and related areas may be suitable for publication in the ACM SIGSAM Bulletin (SIGSAM = Special Interest Group on Symbolic and Algebraic Manipulation). The Bulletin is published quarterly.

This Bulletin has a Timely Communications section, which quickly publishes unreviewed articles (an editor looks them over for suitability and interest). of course, but speed is the main concern for this section).

The Bulletin also has a Formally Reviewed section, for which papers undergo a formal (but still quick) review process; successful papers receive an imprint on their first page saying they have passed this review process.

Papers which deal with interval arithmetic, especially in connection with computer algebra, are welcome at the Bulletin.

The Bulletin also publishes calls for papers for conferences and special issues of various journals, and other short items of interest, preferably less than one page.

Timely Communications and short items of interest should be submitted to Mark Giesbrecht, SIGSAM Bulletin Editor, at, ideally in LaTeX2; papers for the Formally Reviewed section should be submitted to David J. Jeffrey, Associate Editor in charge of this section, at

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