Minisymposium on High Performance Computing Interval Methods

Two major measures of the quality of high performance computations are numerical precision and efficiency.

Interval methods are a class of algorithms that are precise and even allow to obtain a guaranteed result. They also provide a useful and appropriate tool to describe the uncertainty of parameters, discretization inaccuracy and numerical errors. Nevertheless, they are usually time consuming and memory demanding.

Hence, all attempts to increase their efficiency are required and valuable: parallel implementations, use of new data structures, improved algorithms.

The Minisymposium is going to provide a forum for interval researchers to share their experiences and present possible improvements to the algorithms and successful applications.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

The Minisymposium is a part of the PARA 2012 Workshop on State-of-the-Art in Scientific and Parallel Computing.

As the PARA 2012 Conference, the Minisymposium is going to take place in Helsinki, Finland, on June 10-13, 2012.

All rules of the PARA 2012 Conference apply, including the deadlines and required format of the abstracts/papers.

Person responsible for the Minisymposium: Bartlomiej Jacek Kubica, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.