From: "Svetoslav Markov"
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 1996 16:36:09 +0200
Subject: uniform notations in interval arithmetic

I agree that there should be some unification of notations. On the other side I think that for different purposes, different notations might be suitable.

For instance for algerbraic problems and abstract algebraic properties the Neumaer's proposal should be accepted. I also beleive that in a distant future interval variables will be denoted in the same way as numeric variables. For other applications, in particular when the author needs to stress that intervals are sets, it might be appropriate to use uppercase letters (and it is a matter of convention to accept boldface upper case). So I think that a possible standard should give a certain degree of freedom in choosing the notations. There will do no harm if two or more alternative notations are recommended.

Also such a standard should serve as a recommendation and not be obligatory. The authors should be given the freedom to use their own notation if they feel necessary (an explanation why they use notations different to the "standard" may be required).

I am curious to know what do you think about such a "modest" approach.

Best wishes, Svetoslav

Dr. Svetoslav Markov
Section "Biomathematics",
Inst. of Mathematics and Computer Science,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

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