The mailing list,, is a mailing list
with automatic maintenance by the "majordomo" software.  This list is
meant to stimulate discussion of topics on GlobSol package.

Anyone may automatically subscribe or unsubscribe themselves
from the list.  To subscribe, send mail to:

and include the line:

subscribe globsol

in the body.  Similarly, to unsubscribe, send mail to, and include the line:

unsubscribe globsol

in the body.  To get a complete list of commands available
(such as adding persons other than yourself to the list),
send mail to, and include the line:


in the body.

To send to everyone in the list, send your message to:

Another option is to subscribe to the list


in the same manner as above.  The digest is only sent periodically,
and consists of collections of messages from globsol.

How do you retrieve messages that have previously been posted?

The majordomo software should allow you to access both the digest and a
monthly archive.  At present, all of these are kept.  For a command
summary, send a message to

The body of the message should consist of the single line


Archives from a particular month, say, from May 2007, are stored


Thus, to get the May 2007 archive, you would send a message with
the following single line as its body:

get globsol globsol.0705

The majordomo software will then send you the file
globol.0705, and send you notification that it has done so
in a separate message.

R. Baker Kearfott,
(337) 482-5346 (fax)
(337) 482-5270 (work)
(337) 981-9744 (home)
Department of Mathematics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette