James F. Allen and George Ferguson, ``Actions and events in interval temporal logic'', J. Logic Computat., 1994, Vol. 4, No. 5, pp. 531--579.

The authors describe an interval-based temporal logic in which usual non-temporal basic statements of the type $P(s)$ (``the property $P$ holds for objects $s$'') are replaced by temporal statements $P(s,[t^-,t^+])$ (``the property $P$ holds for objects $s$ for all moments of time $t\in [t^-,t^+]$''). The basic relation between intervals is ``meets'': $[t^-,t^+]$ meets $[s^-,s^+]$ iff $t^+=s^-$. All other ordering relations between intervals can be expressed in terms of ``meets'': e.g., ``${\bf t}=[t^-,t^+]$ precedes ${\bf s}=[s^-,s^+]$'' (meaning $t^+ Alessandro Provetti