Scientific Computing and Validated Numerics

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Scientific Computing, Computer Arithmetic and Validated Numerics SCAN-95, held in Wuppertal

Götz Alefeld / Andreas Frommer / Bruno Lang (Eds.)

Mathematical Research, Volume 90
1996. 340 pp. - 31 Abb. - 20 Tab. - 170 x 240 mm
ISBN 3-05-501737-4

Editors' affiliations: Götz Alefeld, Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Karlsruhe; Andreas Frommer, Professor of Applied Computer Science, University of Wuppertal; Bruno Lang, Dr. rer. nat., University of Wuppertal

Target groups: Applied mathematicians, numerical analysts, specialists in computer science

The International Symposium on Scientific Computing, Computer Arithmetic and Validated Numerics SCAN is held biannually, the fourth conference took place in Wuppertal 1995.
This volume contains contributions from outstanding research specialists based on their presentations at SCAN-95. It covers all aspects of scientific computing with validation, starting with the latest developments in the design of floating point units together with algorithms for floating point operations and elementary function evaluations with maximum accuracy. The book continues by treating scientific computing methods for many areas of applied mathematics such as numerical linear algebra, nonlinear equations, global optimization, ordinary and partial differential equations and dynamical systems. Some computer science aspects like complexity are also considered as are examples where validation methods have successfully be used in applications from the engineering sciences.

With prospective contributions by:
G. Alefeld (Karlsruhe), G. Corliss (Milwaukee) and R. Rihm (Karlsruhe), N. Dimitrova (Sofia), B. Dobronets (Krasnoyarsk), G. Heindl (Wuppertal), J. Herzberger (Oldenburg), E. Hyvönen (Espoo), K.-U. Jahn (Leipzig), R. B. Kearfott (Lafayette), V. Kreinovich (El Paso), W. Luther and W. Otten (Duisburg), M. Vrahatis (Patras), S. Markov (Sofia), G. Mayer (Rostock), M. Mrozek (Cracow), J.-M. Muller and A. Tisserand (Lyon), M. Nakao (Fukuoka), M. Plum (Karlsruhe), J. Rohn (Prague), S.M. Rump (Hamburg-Harburg), A. Semenov (Novosibirsk), S. Shary (Krasnoyarsk), Y. Shokin (Novosibirsk), J. Wolff von Gudenberg (Würzburg)

Short Description: This volume contains the key lectures of SCAN-95. It treats latest results in all areas of scientific computing with validation including hardware, elementary operations and functions, numerical methods and applications from the engineering sciences.

Information on the book can found on the Akademie-Verlag website

Kurztext: Dieser Band enthält die wichtigsten Beiträge zur SCAN-95. Er behandelt neueste Ergebnisse in allen Bereichen des Wissenschaftlichen Rechnens mit Validierung wie Hardware, elementare Operationen und Funktionen, numerische Verfahren und Anwendungen aus den Ingenieurwissenschaften

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